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History of the Chrysler brand

The American automobile company Chrysler was founded in 1924 by a talented engineer and successful businessman Walter Percy Chrysler. Appeared in 1924, the first car of the Chrysler Six company had a 6-cylinder engine, hydraulic brakes on all wheels and shock absorbers. In 1928, the company buys the Dodge Brothers company and takes the third place among Detroit automakers.

The Chrysler Airflow model was born in 1934 and has good aerodynamics, thanks to body tests in a built wind tunnel. Chrysler Airflow was equipped with an automatic transmission and showed a fairly low gas mileage on the highway.

In 1938, the Chrysler New Yorker rolled off the assembly line, which was produced until 1996 and took the place of a “long-liver” in the American automotive industry. This car had a Fluid Drive hydraulic clutch, which was a significant technical achievement. In 1941, the Town & Country sedan was developed, with a barrel-shaped roof. Designer Virgil Exner designed a number of “idea cars”. This is a 1951 Chrysler K-310 sports car with gunsight-like taillights and a 1953 three-seat Chrysler D’Elegance with hand-sewn leather upholstery in black and yellow.

DaimlerChrysler was formed in 1998 when Chrysler merged with Mercedes-Benz. Many interesting models appear – Crossfire, Chrysler 300C, PT Cruiser Cabrio, PT Cruiser and Sebring. In 2007, the Chrysler RUS company was created in Russia, which began to supply Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep cars. In 2008, the Chrysler Grand Voyager debuts, the interior of which has great potential for transformation.

2009 marks the beginning of a strategic merger between Chrysler and FIAT, bringing together Chrysler’s technical innovations and FIAT’s modernist technologies. Since 2014, Chrysler has been wholly owned by FIAT, as a result of the reorganization, the company was renamed FIAT Chrysler Automobiles.

DAILY Car Rental in Dubai

Everyone knows that daily car rental is a very convenient service in Dubai. Renting a car for a day is much cheaper than a taxi. For a business meeting, you can rent a luxury car (business class). For everyday use on the roads of Dubai, an economy class car and any sports car will do.

Daily car rental in Dubai

On our website you can securely and quickly rent a car for a day in one click directly from any car rental company in Dubai. You can be sure of all guarantees and safety of car rental as all car rental companies are certified and verified on our website.

WEEKLY Car Rental in Dubai

Do you want to be mobile and move around the city without problems all week? Then the best solution is to book a weekly car rental in Dubai. By choosing a car for rent of any class at any price available to you, you get a competent, attentive and professional car rental service in Dubai, which makes the service not only profitable, but also comfortable.

Weekly car rental in Dubai

Therefore, if you need a fast, reliable and technically sound vehicle for a few days or a week, our site recommends renting a car rental weekly. This option is much more convenient and profitable than using taxi services or riding public transport, and most importantly – quickly and safely, since all companies are certified and have been tested on our website.

MONTHLY Car Rental in Dubai

Monthly car rental in Dubai (long-term car rental in Dubai) will be the best solution when your personal car is under repair for a long time, and you need a car every day. It is a large city with a developed tourist infrastructure and business centers. Many residents of Dubai have personal transport, and when it is under repair, they prefer to rent an iron horse.

Monthly car rental in Dubai

Also, businessmen and tourists often come to the city, who do not mind taking a car for a long-term rental in Dubai. Using the services of companies on our website, you will always be mobile and will not spend extra time moving around the city.