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History of the Genesis brand

After several years of competing for the premium segment of the car market, the South Korean company Hyundai has decided to create its own independent sub-brand called Genesis. The new brand, like Toyota’s luxury Lexus division or Nissan’s sister brand Infiniti, carries an ideology of technical excellence, and its cars are designed primarily for demanding, promising and wealthy individuals with an ambitious character.

According to the company, the Genesis brand is completely focused on the needs of customers who want to get the maximum comfort, safety, multimedia capabilities, technical innovation and at the same time be stylish. In the long term, Genesis plans to market its vehicles through separate, independent channels that are not affiliated with Hyundai dealerships.

As of 2016, the Genesis model line consists of two premium sedans: the flagship G90 (comparable in class to the Stuttgart S-class, the BMW seven and the Audi A8) and the mid-size G80. The appearance of these cars was developed under the direction of chief designer Peter Schreyer, who displayed incredibly elegant lines and emphasized the proportions characteristic of premium sedans with a long hood and short overhangs.

With the launch of the luxury brand Genesis, Hyundai symmetrically leaves its lineup without 2 top premium cars – Hyundai Equus (now this car is sold as the Genesis G90) and the Genesis model of the same name (G80). Mainly Genesis cars are designed for buyers from the United States, Canada, the Gulf countries and Korea. In the future, it is planned to expand the sales market.

In autumn 2016, the company launches official sales of its G90 sedan. According to the manufacturer, the Genesis G90 is based on a high-strength body made of alloys with increased rigidity and low weight. The car is equipped with an innovative adaptive suspension and HTRAC all-wheel drive system. Starting from the basic version, the sedan is equipped with 9 airbags, a premium audio system, a rear-view camera and other advanced electronics.

The top version of the model, built on an extended base, is distinguished by separate rear seats and an extended list of options. In 2017, the junior model Genesis G70 is released, which stands out from other sedans with a pronounced sporty appearance.

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Monthly car rental in Dubai

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