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History of the Suzuki brand

The largest Japanese company, Suzuki, was founded by Michio Suzuki in 1920 and originally produced looms. In 1952, the Power Free motorcycle appeared, which, in addition to a two-stroke engine, also had pedals borrowed from a bicycle to help the engine. Two years later, the company was reorganized into Suzuki Motor Co., at which time the annual production of motorcycles increased to 6 thousand units.

The first passenger car Suzuki Suzulight saw the light only in 1955. Subcompact Suzuki Suzulight had front-wheel drive and rack and pinion steering. In 1961, the light truck Suzulight Carry starts. In 1967, the Fronte passenger car was presented to the public, in 1968, the Carry Van truck rolled off the assembly line. The legendary Jimny small SUV with four-wheel drive starts in 1970.

In 1973, Suzuki opened its representative office in Canada, and in 1975, the assembly of company cars in the Philippines began. In 1979, the company demonstrates the compact car Suzuki Alto. In 1981, a cooperation agreement was signed with the American company General Motors and a modernized Jimny SUV appeared, which was successfully exported to many world countries.

In 1983, the passenger model Cultus, also known under the name Swift, goes on sale. The second generation Suzuki Cultus is exported to many countries, including the USA. Americans liked the practical Suzuki Cultus and car sales were quite successful. In 1988, the Escudo SUV, which has the middle name Vitara, goes on sale. Suzuki Escudo received all-wheel drive, a 1.6-liter engine and 95 hp.

In 1991, the Japanese company expands its production line with a new plant in Hungary. The Baleno subcompact passenger model, which appeared in 1995, differed significantly from its classmates by installing all-wheel drive. In 2001, the XL-7 SUV was born, which became the largest car of the company.

In 2011, the 4th generation of the compact Suzuki Swift family appears on sale. In 2014, the premiere of the new Vitara crossover took place. Suzuki currently specializes in compact and subcompact vehicles. In addition, motorcycles and outboard motors are produced. In terms of car production, Suzuki ranks eleventh in the world and fifth in its homeland of Japan. Suzuki’s main market is India.

DAILY Car Rental in Dubai

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Monthly car rental in Dubai

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