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History of the Tesla brand

The American automotive firm Tesla was founded in 2003 in Silicon Valley by Martin Eberhard, who worked on improving batteries. The company’s investors are Elon Musk from PayPal and Larry Page and Sergey Brin from Google. From the very beginning, Tesla set itself the task of developing an electric car not for a narrow group of consumers, but for all car lovers. The appearance of the concept electric car was created by designers from the Lotus company, so the similarity of its exterior with the Lotus Elise is quite understandable. Further collaboration between Tesla and Lotus led to a natural decision to build an electric car at the facilities of Lotus Cars.

Martin Eberhard had enough high-tech equipment employees in Silicon Valley, and car engineers had to be poached from Lotus. Lotus management threatened to shut down the production of an electric car at its plant, and Eberhard had to look for automotive engineers elsewhere. By 2007, several electric roadsters had already been assembled, and they were shown to the stellar Californian public. On the bride-to-be, one could only sign up for a Tesla Roadster, and it was not allowed to drive a few hundred meters. Even the famous actor and governor of California at that time, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was not given an electric car.

The estimated original price for the roadster was $100,000. The dynamic characteristics of the Tesla model were not inferior to those of a modern car using high-octane gasoline. Electric vehicle engine with a capacity of 250 hp brings the roadster to a speed of 100 km / h in 4 seconds without the roar of the engine. Without recharging, the Tesla roadster travels about 400 km. The body of the electric car is made of carbon fiber.

Tesla is the world leader in electric vehicles today. Tesla management is more than confident that the future belongs to electric cars due to the finite resources of hydrocarbons on the planet. The company releases its first mass-produced Tesla Model S electric car in 2012 – at the end of 2013, almost 5,000 such cars were sold in the United States. Tesla’s second production model was the Model X crossover, whose rear doors open like a gullwing.

In 2016, the American company begins production of the most affordable and compact novelty – Model 3, which is designed to increase demand for electric vehicles against the backdrop of more expensive Model S and Model X. In 2017, the founder of the company, Elon Musk, presented a further development strategy for the company, according to which in the future production of commercial vehicles is planned.

DAILY Car Rental in Dubai

Everyone knows that daily car rental is a very convenient service in Dubai. Renting a car for a day is much cheaper than a taxi. For a business meeting, you can rent a luxury car (business class). For everyday use on the roads of Dubai, an economy class car and any sports car will do.

Daily car rental in Dubai

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WEEKLY Car Rental in Dubai

Do you want to be mobile and move around the city without problems all week? Then the best solution is to book a weekly car rental in Dubai. By choosing a car for rent of any class at any price available to you, you get a competent, attentive and professional car rental service in Dubai, which makes the service not only profitable, but also comfortable.

Weekly car rental in Dubai

Therefore, if you need a fast, reliable and technically sound vehicle for a few days or a week, our site recommends renting a car rental weekly. This option is much more convenient and profitable than using taxi services or riding public transport, and most importantly – quickly and safely, since all companies are certified and have been tested on our website.

MONTHLY Car Rental in Dubai

Monthly car rental in Dubai (long-term car rental in Dubai) will be the best solution when your personal car is under repair for a long time, and you need a car every day. It is a large city with a developed tourist infrastructure and business centers. Many residents of Dubai have personal transport, and when it is under repair, they prefer to rent an iron horse.

Monthly car rental in Dubai

Also, businessmen and tourists often come to the city, who do not mind taking a car for a long-term rental in Dubai. Using the services of companies on our website, you will always be mobile and will not spend extra time moving around the city.